How I Overcame Depression Naturally

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Hello, everyone!
Oh boy it has been a while but I think I'm finally on track on share all my experiences and explain why I was away for so long, not only from Blogging but Social Media in general.

Back in October 2015 I already knew that something was wrong with me, but I've always been a complicated girl, I've had tons of ups and downs due to my past and all the bad things that happened to me. Although I was kind of used to the ups and downs, this time around I was feeling quite nervous about it, but I just took a deep breath and carried on with my life.


It was actually in the beginning of February 2016 that all hell broke loose! I just felt too tired, sad and hopeless all the time... I cried so much and most of the times I didn't even know why! I found myself going back to the bad habits of self-harm and suicide wishes. Basically, my life was just a huge mess and I lost all hope.

So I started therapy, for the first time I was seeing a Psychiatrist, it all looked pretty simple and easy, I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and all I had to do was taking my medication. 
But I knew it would be too good to be true, my depression episodes started when I was only 5 years old and after that was just a mess of misunderstanding, frustration and sadness. So I knew it would take me more than just "medication therapy" to solve this mess.


My reaction to medication was the worst part in my opinion. I was constantly sleepy, I couldn't concentrate AT ALL at work and waking up was a constant battle with my body and brain.
I lost count of how many times my doctor changed the medication, she even did it over the phone once! Unfortunately, nothing was working I was losing hope that I would ever feel like myself again.

One day, around September 2016, I felt like I was dying from the inside out and I was back to point zero. I locked myself in the bathroom and I just begged to die, to end all the pain I was feeling. That's when I realized that none of this treatment was working and I was just damaging my body and mind even more.


So around October 2016, I started a different treatment, a natural one where my cure would come from me and would only depend on me. So it was, for three months straight I had intense therapy for my mind, body and spirit. The first step was believing I could make it, I was so desperate to feel like myself again that I would do anything!

I must say that it was physically and mentally challenging, I cried in every session, I got angry, frustrated, sad... But after one month I was medication free! I started to understand my mind and my feeling. With that, it became easier and easier to control my emotions and, by the end of December, I was feeling good for the first time.

I never felt like myself again and you know what? I'm glad I didn't! Because the person "myself" used to be was not a healthy and strong person. That's what I am now, so no, I don't want to feel like myself ever again. I want to always feel me!

Hopefully, this post will inspire you and remember that life isn't about finding yourself, it's about CREATING yourself.
If you have any questions about my journey against depression please feel free to comment it downstairs.
In the future, I'll write about all the things that I did and will give some advice that I took for myself during this journey.
See you soon!


  1. yes this is the problem. we cannot succeed unless we let go of our narrow mindset. we have to create ourselves own our own.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure it will help someone else.

  3. thank you for sharing. I am glad you were able to overcome and I hope this is able to help others in similar situations.

  4. Glad to hear that now you are good and stronger!
    Best wishes for all!

  5. what an incredible story. I definitely believe in natural ways to heal ourselves so I'm glad you found something that worked for you :)

  6. Great to hear you have found something that works for you. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  7. yes we have to build our own image in this society . thanx for sharing your experience

  8. Well done for sharing your story. I'm so pleased you found something that worked and you feel like yourself again :) x

  9. What an amazing story. Well done you for sharing it and all the best with the rest of your journey, lovely.

  10. Well done to you for tackling it. Also well done for sharing it and possibly helping others too.

  11. This is such an amazing story. You must be SO proud of yourself! It's so hard stepping away from your mindset and training yourself to think differently but you've shown it's completely do-able.
    Good luck with the rest of your journey lovely xxx


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